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Reformed Answers - "Was Jonah Really Swallowed by a Whale?"

Yesterday, we began our four-part sermon series in Jonah. As I preached, you might have been wondering, "Was Jonah really swallowed by a great fish?" Here is a thoughtful response to that question from our friends at Third Millennium Ministries, one of our premiere ministry partners. Enjoy!...

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Paul Tripp and David Powlinson - How to Care for Someone Battling Anxiety and Depression

This morning, looking at Matthew 6:25-34, we considered worry and anxiety. In this brief video, Paul Tripp and David Powlinson offer helpful counsel for those caring for those battling anxiety and depression. ...

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Rebecca McLaughlin - When 'I Don't Know' Is a Good Answer and When It's Not

This brief post encourages Christians to love their neighbors with their minds while referencing two kinds of 'I Don't Know' statements. It makes a challenging and worthwhile point. Read here....

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Paul Tripp - How Suffering Reveals Your True Self

In this article, Paul Tripp talks about our response to suffering. He provides an interesting perspective, one with fresh insight. Read the article here....

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Kevin DeYoung - "Why Christians Should Give Thanks for Memorial Day"

In this helpful post, Kevin DeYoung shares some insight about Christian participation in military service and observance of holidays like Memorial Day. Read the article here....

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Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer - "The Incompatibility of Critical Theory and Christianity"

Perhaps you've heard the terms "critical theory," "intersectionality," "cultural Marxism," and so on batted about in the media and conversation. In this helpful and thoughful post, Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer explain these concepts and provide a clear and charitable analysis of them for Christians.Read the article here....

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William P. Smith - "7 Things to Do When You've Blown It (Again) with Your Kids"

Yesterday, I made a passing reference to how difficult Sunday mornings can be for parents and families with children, perhaps especially those with young children. It's not easy to get kids up, fed, dressed, and out the door for church. These parents sometimes arrive to worship frazzled and, if we're honest, full of regret for losing their patience on the way to church. T...

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Austin Gohn - "The One Thing I Tell Moms of Wayward Children"

In this post, and looking to the life of Augustine, Austin Gohn shares some encouraging insight with moms (and dads) of wayward children. Read it here....

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Recommended - "10 Things You Should Know about Reformed Theology"

This article, by Paul Smalley and Joel Beeke, provides 10 insights about Reformed theology - the theology of our congregation....

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Recommended - "Help! I Keep Losing My Temper" by J. Alasdair Groves

Find yourself losing your cool? Struggle to control those angry emotions in certain settings? This article provides helpful insight and counsel. Read article...

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