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A Christmas Thank You to our Children's Ministry Volunteers


I am often in awe of how many men & women give of themselves. Having been the children's director for 3 and a half years at WCC, it is my greatest joy to equip children's ministry leaders to use their gifts to the glory of God and for the benefit of our children (ages 3 through 5th grade).

The diversity of gifts in our ministry is amazing, as our volunteers serve in various capacities including teaching, greeting, prayer ministry, music ministry, creative decorations and crafts, organizatonal gifting, baking, gift giving, and many other ways!

As I reflect on Christmas, and what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us by loving us perfectly and in a meaningful way, I cannot help dwell on that concept of love. Our children's ministry team members LOVE our kids. They love them sacrifically and they love them relentlessly.

As a small thank you, I am giving our team members a pen and small devotional book. The first words in the devotional book perfectly share my thoughts of how thankful I am for our leaders and team members. The devotional says- "Meaningful love can't be programmed or purchased. Authentic love can't be forced. God's love for us in Christ is both meaningful and authentic. No matter how hard we try, our Lord's love will never, ever be replicated. That love took Jesus to the cross, into death, for you! That love made possible the full forgiveness of your every sin! Thank you team for sharing Jesus' love so authentically, so meaningfully, with all the kids in our ministry."

Merry Christmas Willow Creek Church Family. May you know your loved and appreciated, both you, and your children.


-Drew Taylor

WCC Director of Children's Ministry