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Children's Book Recommendation: One Year of Dinner Table Devotions

I've had several encounters with parents who are frustrated with their inability to foster good conversation with their children or are unable to have a consistent family devotion time...

Is that you? Then I've got THE solution for you. I joke of course, but honestly, these candid conversations with children can be awkward, uncomfortable, and difficult to cultivate.

One resource that might be helpful for you is the One Year of Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters by Nancy Guthrie.

This book offers a simple, daily, one-half page of text, followed by discussion starter questions for fit for the entire family. Additionally, each day has scripture verses that connect the discussion back to God's word.

While discussions with children can be difficult, I encourage you to have these conversations. Be vulnerable, foster an environment of sharing, and seek to be gracious. God is so gracious with us and desires a relationship with his children; may we model that grace and love in pursuing relationships with our children.

You can purchase One Year of Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters by opening the attached link: