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Children's CD Resource Recommendation



Hey Parents!

For many, the car ride can be an experience that is both challenging and infuriating. Between finding a suitable radio station, having children picking on one another, or even worse, complete silence and tension... the car ride can be one of the least enjoyable activities in the day for your family.

"Rain for Roots" is the name of a cd that is inspired by the Gospel Story Curriculm, the same curriculm that we at Willow Creek Church use in our children's ministry. Sandra McCracken and several other women composed this unique genre of children's worship. This cd features 11 songs that are dedicated to having your child interact, via song, with stories from the Bible, focusing on the good news or "Gospel" of Jesus Christ.

Go to to order your album today. It will allow you to enjoy excellent music, a fantastic message, and quality conversation with your child while in the car.

For His Glory!


-Drew Taylor

Willow Creek Church Director of Children's Ministry