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Children's Ministry Spotlight- Kristen Williams

We have so many outstanding people who volunteer in our children's ministry. We feel it is important to highlight a few of them.

Kristen Williams is very familiar with the innerworkings of Willow Creek Church. Kristen has made relationships with the entire staff at WCC. During Kristen's 11 years at WCC, she and her family have been a vibrant part of the life of the church.

Kristen has served in the nursery for several years, and currently rotates on at the Welcome Center. She is always smiling and very helpful in directing new people to where they need to go, and also making them feel welcome as she herself was welcomed many years ago.

In regards to children's ministry, Kristen has served as the Vacation Bible School (VBS) Administrator for 2 years and will be serving in her 6th VBS this coming Summer. Last year, Kristen was the entire VBS coordinator, serving more than 80 children and 100 volunteers. She also helped the brand-new children's director get acclimated to the VBS culture at WCC.

Additionally, Kristen's older children, Max and Elayna, help serve at VBS and Elayna serves the elementary students during the 11am Children's Worship service. Kristen's younger children, Jamie and Andrew participate in our children's ministry.

It really is a family affair with Kristen and the entire Williams' clan! We are so thankful for Kristen's faithful service to our children's ministry, and her work to help serve the entire WCC community. Thank you Kristen for all you do for our children.


-Drew Taylor

WCC Director of Children's Ministry