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Children's Worship Recap 12/29/13

What I learned in Children’s Worship:

December 29, 2013

Scripture: Matthew 3

Big Idea: Jesus was baptized as a sign that he was going to be obedient to the will of God. His obedience allows those who are in Christ to be seen as righteous.

Follow-up Discussion for Your Family this Week:

1. Talk about your child’s baptism or about your baptism. What is significant about baptism? (It is a sign that you are to be raised in God’s family and are going to be told about Jesus)

2. Would it have been hard for Jesus to be obedient all the time? Why is it so important the he was obedient? (Because we needed someone to fulfill God’s law because we cannot, we are lawbreakers and sinners)

Catechism Memory: Question 14- Where do you learn how to love and obey God? In the Bible alone.