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New Small Groups at Willow Creek Church

At Willow Creek Church, we are dedicated to offering vibrant small groups. Our definition of a small group is a voluntary, intentional gathering, of a limited group that meets regularly, with the shared goal of Christian edificationfellowship, and service."

This February, we have launched four new small groups to care and minister to our members and friends at Willow Creek Church. Let's briefly introduce each small group!

1. Carter & Emily Howard lead a diverse group of men and women 2 Monday evenings a month at Willow Creek Church. Carter & Emily are a young couple, and have a new baby, Elias, and they are starting out discussiong Tim Keller's DVD study, "Gospel in Life."

2. Michael Juarbe & Matthew McQuinn lead a small group of young married couples who have children. Their wives, Julissa Juarbe and Rachelle McQuinn warmly open their homes on a rotational basis in Oviedo and Casselberry, 2Sunday afternoons a month. They will be studying Acts 2.

3. Greg & Kelly Fredrickson lead a college/career age small group at Willow Creek Church every other Thursday evening. They are studying a book on dating titled, "I Am A help with your dating life." They'll plan on meeting through the summer as students return from college.

4. Gayle Rossmeissl leads a group that meets every Sunday morning after our worship service. This group is made up single and married couples who are 45+ years of age. This group discusses Pastor Kevin or Drew's sermons and spend time in prayer and socializing.

We are so thankful for all 4 of these groups! Moving forward, we plan on opening new groups or provide openings in existing groups in August and then again in January/February.

3 Pillars of Small Groups:

1. Each Small Group meets regularly, with individuals intentionally gathering together either in the church or in group member's homes.

2. Each Small Group shares the goal of growing in discipleship and Christian edification.  This is done primarily through Prayer, Bible Study, personal discussion, confession of sin and singing songs of praise.

3. Each Small Group serves its community.  This is done through participation in service projects, seeking to "reach out" to neighbors, participating in community events and more.