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Smiling in the Face of Frustration


For Christmas, our children's ministry volunteers received a devotional of encouragements. Here is an entry from that devotional titled, Overflowing with Thanks for You! for your encouragement...

Not one vehicle moved an inch on the roadway in the past 2 hours. She rolled her eyes as she searched the radio app on her cell phone for something, anything, to pass the time. It felt like she had been sitting in traffic for a day and a half.

Turning around now was not an option; two tow trucks had flown by. It shouldn't take much longer to clear the problem up ahead, should it? She didn't know. She couldn't see far enough around the curve to tell what was happening.

Put yourself in this driver's seat. -Would you be experiencing frustration?

-Would you feel pressure to get going?

-Would you be frustrated by the nuisance?

If so... then imagine your phone ringing as you sit, waiting impatiently. You answer, and it's good news. Very good news! A distant relative has died leaving you his entire estate, nearly half a million dollars. Would your frustration evaporate? Would the frown of frustration leave your face?

Good news has a way of making us more tolerant of life's pressures. Security has a way of building up our resilience, reinforcing our stamina. Circumstances that once seemed overwhelming are now manageable.

Imagine for a moment one of the pressures or burdens you experience as you serve Jesus by serving his people in your church.

Then pause. Consider that the grace of our Lord, his forgiveness and total acceptance has "enriched" you in "every way" (1 Cor. 1:5)! Your benefactor is no long lost relative. He's your heavenly Father, the one who loves you superabundantly!

Do you feel the burdens lifting, the pressures fading? I hope so, because those of us who benefit from your service find ourselves overflowing in thanksgiving to our Lord for the gifts he has given you and the blessing that you are...