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WCC Children's Ministry Spotlight: Stephanie & Ryan Bare


We have so many outstanding people who volunteer in our children's ministry. We feel it is important to highlight a few of them.

Stephanie Bare and her son Ryan are the best kind of volunteers in our children's ministry. While not serving weekly, the mother and son team are a huge asset to our children's ministry due to their willingness to sub when called upon. For a ministry, it is so comforting to know that we have good people in place, that can care for our children and provide a wonderful environment for them to learn about God, all while being able to receive a call towards the end of the work week.

Kenny, Stephanie's husband, serves our church family in the sound booth, and is very faithful with his technical skills. The Bare family has attended Willow Creek for several years, and proudly get involved in several different ministries.

Ryan, a high school student at Circle Christian, is a phenomenal bowler, and has traveled to tournaments throughout the country. Ryan does a great job playing with our youngest children, always smiling and providing a helping hand to his mother Stephanie.

The Bare family is loved at Willow Creek Church, and we love to see how God has used their giftings to bless others. We are so thankful to have so many wonderful people here at Willow Creek Church, and it is exciting to get people connected in throughout the different avenues we have to serve. Thank you Bare family, for getting connected with our children's ministry and our church. We love you!