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Officer Training - Module 1, Class 2

Welcome to the second session of officer training at Willow Creek Presbyterian Church! We are grateful for your willingness to undertake this important study, and pray that it is an encouraging and edifying time for you.

In this session, we will complete an overview of the New Testament. Here are some supplemental materials designed to enhance our study. Please review them before next week. 

Old Testament Overview

Last week, we reviewed the Old Testament. As we continue our study, review this brief video about the same. 

New Testament Overview

Have you ever wondered about the content and overall story and flow of the New Testament? Wonder no longer! From our friends at The Bible Project, here is a helpful video to explain it all clearly and concisely. 


Presbyterians are sometimes referred to as "covenantal" in their theology. Why? Because covenants play a central role in redemptive history, and we might properly describe redemption itself as the outworking of a covenant. This brief video provides some helpful material regarding covenants. 

Session Assignments

Before our next session, please:

1.) View the videos provided here;

2.) Read "What is the Covenant of Redemption" by Ligonier Ministries;

3.) Read "What is the Difference Between Guilt and Shame?" by Justin Holcomb.

4.) Write down a few questions or struggles you have with the teaching and events of the New Testament. Come prepared to discuss next week.