UPDATE (July 26, 2020): We now offer both in-person and online worship gatherings. Please join us on Sunday mornings for in-person worship at 9:00 am and 11:00 am (masks and social distancing required) or via Facebook Live (10:00 am), our YouTube channel, this website, and our free ministry app (Google Play or App Store). 

We now require masks or other facial coverings while on Willow Creek facilities and grounds. 

If you would like to give to help maintain the ministry of Willow Creek during this time, text GIVEWILLOWCREEK to 77977 (standard data and messaging rates apply) or visit our 
giving page

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we desire to care well for our members, friends, and their families. This requires some adaptation. Modifying our congregational care structures for this new challenge, we recently segmented our membership alphabetically (by the first letter of your last name) into a series of non-geographical parishes - each led by an elder, deacon, and minister. 

These leaders are here for you as points-of-contact should you have questions or particular needs. Beginning May 1-15, they'll also be reaching out to you once or twice a month to see how you're doing by text, email, social media, or phone call.

If you do not hear from them by May 15, please don't assume the worst. It might be due to incorrect or missing information on our end. Please don't hesitate to help us by contacting your designated minister or our church office directly, correcting the information we have in our database.  

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kevin

Willow Creek Parishes

Members: A-Bo
Butler (E)
Adams (D)
Minister: Smith


Members: Br-C
Cross (E)
Brinckerhoff (D)
Minister: Taylor

        PARISH C
Members: D-F
Howard (E)
Doing (D)
Minister: Labby
        PARISH D
Members: G-J
Johnson (E)
Eidson (D)
Minister: Smith

Members: K-L
Kirby (E)
Haas (D)
Minister: Taylor

        PARISH F
Members: M-O
Martorana (E)
Hufford (D)
Minister: Labby
        PARISH G
Members: P-R
Ratliff (E)
Johnson (D)
Minister: Smith
        PARISH H
Members: S-U
Voorberg (E)
Mackin (D)
Minister: Taylor 
Members: V-Z
Williams (E)
O'Connor (D)
Minister: Labby