Welcome! We're the men's ministry of Willow Creek Church. Read about us here and then plan to connect in one or more of our ministry environments.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact our church office directly. We'll take your information and the appropriate leader will get back to you. You can also join us on the Men's Ministry Facebook page HERE


What do we do?

We welcome all men without judgment. Our aim is to help them discover and deepen an authentic and active relationship with Jesus, in every arena of life.

Why do we do it?

Created in the image of the Triune God, men need fellowship. It's hard-wired into their souls. No man can achieve his God-given potential in isolation. However, fellowship doesn't come easily to most men. We're committed to meeting that need.

How do we do it?

Through a variety of intentional environments, we create spaces for true connection with God and one another.


Recognizing the diversity of men of Willow Creek Church, we've developed, and in some cases partnered with others to offer, several unique environments.


A weekly morning men's gathering led by our founding pastor, Dr. Pete Alwinson. Tuesday mornings, 7:30 AM, in our Chapel here at Willow Creek. Learn more about Forge here.

Men's Bible Study

The men of Willow Creek Church gather on scheduled Wednesday nights for Bible study and fellowship at 6:30 PM.

Men's Fellowship

Throughout the year, we plan fun get-togethers like Poker Night, Fantasy Football Draft Night, and more. Watch our church bulletin and the events calendar on this site for upcoming events.


Whether it's our softball team, "Sonrise Hoops," target shooting, or something else, we have guys ready to play.

Willow Creek Men's Series

Willow Creek offers six Friday-evening gatherings a year. These feature dinner, the live recording of our podcast with a nationally-known speaker, and then a relaxed time of dessert and portico fellowship.

Willow Creek Men's Trip

Over the first weekend of May (starting 2021), we're heading to a premier location for a weekend of relaxing food and fellowship. In addition to group fellowship, we'll have two optional activity tracks - a chance to "chill" (relaxed) or "thrill" (high-energy).