"We exist to glorify God by declaring and demonstrating the power of the gospel, inviting people to discover and deepen their relationship with Jesus."

In 2018, our 30th anniversary year, we inaugurated a new ministry vision. It's called NEXT, and includes ten goals for the next ten years. Also, you may enjoy a Spanish language version of our mission and vision. 


Helping all people, both inside and outside the church, to understand and embrace the gospel in practical ways, through training, outreaches, and events.


Developing global church planting partnerships in six areas (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Native America, and the USA); equipping all members to partner with at least one mission in a personal ministry of prayer, presence, and/or financial partnership.


Developing loving partnerships with mercy ministries that offer hope and healing to the poor and oppressed locally, nationally, and internationally.


Developing the ministerial capacity to attract and effectively minister to our Spanish speaking neighbors through worship services, outreaches, and multilingual web content.


Helping to develop outreaches and worshipping communities in communities around Orlando not presently served by a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.


Developing the capacity to create, publish, and distribute free open-source, multimedia content of the highest quality that is engaging and easy to share for all peoples and generations.


Becoming debt-free and staying debt-free through radical generosity and joyful stewardship, which we hope to encourage through giving goals, group initiatives, and private fundraising.


Encouraging every member to actively invite people to attend all that we have to offer whenever the doors are open, as we corporately work towards tripling our church membership.


Developing a growing love and regular, passionate pursuit of God's means of grace to better understand how God comes to us with the finished work of the forgiveness of sins.


Encouraging our people to create brand new ministries that will find new ways to help accomplish our mission and vision in unique and creative ways beyond what we have spelled out here.