Preschool Mission

We are a Christ-centered preschool committed to faithfully building children through truth and love.

Our hearts and arms are open as we care, teach and minister to God's precious little ones. Willow Creek Preschool was established in 1996. We have grown and maintain the high standards of care and teaching with which we began.

We believe that children learn best and appropriately at their God-given developmental level.

Our program provides a loving, Christian environment that fosters learning through play and hands-on experiences. We believe this approach is important as this is the time in a child's life where they learn most of what they need for the future: caring for others, sharing, showing kindness, love, honesty, communication, listening, and school readiness skills.

We also provide opportunities for parents to share their time and talents. Our desire is to develop friendships with you as we care for, teach and minister to your precious children.

For more information please contact our Preschool Office at 407-699-0033 or email.