Care Team Summer Update

Pat Kingsland - Copy

The Willow Creek Church "Care Team" is committed to prayerfully handling monies given to our Deacons Fund, with the purpose of those monies being to provide care for individuals, or to help support Christian organizations who are caring for those in our church family or in our larger community.

Each month, our Care Team of 7 individuals (Pastor Drew Taylor, Cheryl Aspesi, Marty Phillips, Mike Haas, Pat Kingsland, Lee Mackin, Jack Doing) gather to pray, discuss expressed needs, and come together to discern how we can serve as a blessing to others through the Deacons Fund.

Below are some "Facts and Figures" regarding some of the monies we've been blessed to bless others with. Remember, the Deacons Fund offering is collected throughout the year, by going to- but is specifically highlighted during our Good Friday and Christmas Eve services.

2020: $93,000 was collected and distributed. 21 families received financial assistance, 2 families received regular transporation needs, 3 families receieved home repairs, 2 ministry partners were blessed with additional funds above normal giving, 5 individuals/couples received counseling, 20 families received regular meal assistance.

2021 (to date): In the same above categories, $14,000 has been collected and distributed.


Care Team Member Highlight: Pat Kingsland.

Pat moved with (now deceased) husband Dick to Florida in 1988 to buy a skid steer loader business "Bobcat of Orlando." Pat worked in the office but retired a few years later to care for Dick's mother. Together, the Kingsland's had 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren with a 5th great-grandchild on the way. Dick passed away in 1999.

The Kingsland's had been searching for a church home following their move, and they noticed a church being built on E. Lake Drive. They attended and joined the church following the completion of our "chapel" building in 1992.

One of the many things Pat loves about Willow Creek Church is how the Deacons Fund Offering has been used to help those in need. She is honored to serve on the care team, and views this role as serving the Lord, as it is a pleasure to serve him by serving those in need. Whether it is in prayer, finance, or direction, Pat is willing and eager to help.

Pat says as she has served on the care team, she realizes how much she, as well as all of us, are in need of God's help. She's grateful that God has granted her love, compassion, discernment, and the ability to share how much she and others are loved by Jesus.