Member Highlight: Justin King

Justin King

Justin King

Have you worshiped at Willow Creek Church, and in the middle of the service, heard a hearty and robust AMEN!? That, more than likely, came from our beloved friend, Justin King.

Justin, along with mom Sheryl King, have been attending WCC for several years. They first got connected to the church through the ministry, RAPID (Reliable Advocacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities). Over the years, Justin and many friends from Seminole County have gathered in our church gym, classroom 607, and our cafe with the purposes of growing together in community and building productive relationships with individuals who have special needs.

Justin's passion for WCC is undeniable! He is ALWAYS early to our 10am worship service. He warmly welcomes our pastors and staff. He enjoys the treats from the cafe. He loves to dress up and wear colorful hats. He sings with great enthusiasm and often pantomimes playing the drums. AND, he yells his famous phrase "AMEN!"

Recently, Justin has been attending our men's monthly events. He has joined our Walking Tall Security Team, and plans to attend our upcoming men's retreat. A special shout-out and thank you to Andy & Nancy Pearson, Lee Mackin, Bill & Colleen Hufford, Vickie Andersen, Bryan Cannon, Mike Haas, and all others who make Justin feel so loved and special.

God bless this young man! We are thankful for him and all of our friends and members of Willow Creek Church!